Why “Normal Sucks” – Episode 12

With Jonathan Mooney
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From an illiterate sixth grader to an Ivy League graduate with Honors in English Literature, the dynamic and engaging Jonathan Mooney is one of the foremost leaders in LD/ADHD, disabilities, and alternative education who says that we should stop trying to fix people and start empowering them to succeed by focusing on people’s strengths, interests, and talents, not their deficits and problems. Mooney is an award-winning writer, entrepreneur and educational activist who is fueled by his mission to fight for every single human being’s right to be different. From people of color to the LGBTQ+ community to neurodiverse people, Jonathan explains that everyone must be included in the conversation and inspires us to understand why. Mooney’s re-imagining of education for the 21st century by emphasizing inclusion, neurodiversity and debunking the myth of normalcy will inspire you to look at your child, your friend, your neighbor and the world in a whole new way.

  • How Jonathan is fueled and informed by his struggles with learning differences
  • How to elevate conversations around diversity, not disorders, to create real change
  • How to empower others, not fix them; focus on what is right, not what is “wrong”
  • The origin of the nefarious word “normal” (circa 1860)
  • How humans thrive together with helpers and mentors
  • How educators can facilitate a diverse educational journey
  • That every human being has a strength, a gift or talent to give
  • Jonathan’s journey of healing from a wound of being called deficient
  • How in order to thrive we need to have a sense of purpose and passion
  • How we can all be advocates for a more just world
  • Where you can find Jonathan Mooney and have him speak to your community group or school for free


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“Once Upon A Time” from the album Sunshine State of Mind featured in Episode 12






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