Veterans Day Special Honoring Those Who Serve – Episode 13

featuring Jeff Werner
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In honor of Veteran’s Day we are sharing our “Veterans Day Special Honoring Those Who Serve” as a heartfelt expression of thanks to the brave men and women who have served our nation in the military, both past and present. In this episode, we shine a light on the issue of United States veterans who come back from multiple tours of duty suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (also known as PTSD) and the impact of that on their lives and the lives of others.

How do we help our soldiers experiencing PTSD? This issue, and how we deal with it in the American legal system when crimes are committed by former soldiers, is what award-winning filmmaker and director Jeff Werner masterfully highlights in the documentary film “Those Who Serve.” Jeff’s passion for this subject aligns with his lifelong mission to help others who are underserved. This impactful conversation also includes veteran Mark Stillion, one of the veterans featured in the film. He speaks openly about both his struggles and his successes as he fights another valiant fight – this time one that he must engage in within himself.

"So The River Flows" featured in Episode 13