Our Crazy Amazing Humans know that doing good does you good.

Below are some profiles and positive stories of real people who are making a difference in their home, schools, communities, countries and the world. We hope to elevate those who do good works not for recognition, but because they sincerely care and choose to contribute. We also hope to motivate and reignite us all so we can find our own way, no matter how small or big, to help make our communities more positive, harmonious and solutions-oriented. So take a few minutes to read about our Crazy Amazing Humans and do something kind for a friend or a stranger today.

Summit Sippers

The Summit Sippers have worked with some of LA’s top creative cocktail enthusiasts to bring hikers a unique experience at the top of their ascents.

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Jeff Werner

Jeff Werner is an Emmy award-winning director and editor of documentaries, feature films and motion picture advertising. Most recently, Werner produced and directed THOSE WHO SERVE…

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Tapiwa Kudakwashe Mugadza

Tapiwa Kudakwashe Mugadza (aka “Taps”) was born on April 1, 1988. At two days old, Taps was left on the front steps of Harare Children’s Home in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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Tom Bagamane

Tom Bagamane, founded The Giving Spirit in 1999 and has led it as Chairman and CEO during its 20+ years of service to the homeless of Greater Los Angeles.

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Ezra Frech

Ezra Frech, was born with congenital limb differences, missing his left knee, left shin bone, and fingers on his left hand.

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Bahar Soomekh

Bahar Soomekh, is an accomplished actress, advocate, and proponent of healthy, mindful living. Soomekh starred as Dorri in Crash, the Academy Award-winning film.

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Clayton Frech

Clayton Frech, is a disability advocate, social entrepreneur, and frequent speaker on the intersection of disability, sport and human rights.

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Sven-Olaf Lindblad

Sven-Olaf Lindblad, founder of Lindblad Expeditions, was born in Switzerland, son of renowned adventure-travel pioneer Lars-Eric Lindblad.

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Kristin Hettermann

Kristin Hettermann is recognized for her underwater and adventure travel photography and awareness efforts surrounding important environmental and social causes.

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Karen Hawkins

Karen Hawkins is a self-described Chinese-Japanese goofball born in Singapore. Here is her story: I’m 5′ 3-1/2″, small but fiesty, funny, and loveable…

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Kenneth A. Carlson

Kenneth A. Carlson directed and produced the feature length documentary, THE HEART OF NUBA, profiling the courageous and selfless efforts of Dr. Tom Catena, the sole doctor for a million patients in the war-torn Nuba Mountains of Sudan

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Dr. Tom Catena

Tom “Dr. Tom” Catena was born in Amsterdam, New York. He went on to study mechanical engineering at Brown, in the U.S., before enrolling at Duke to study medicine on a naval scholarship.

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