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Calling All Braver Angels – Episode 14

Randy Lioz of Braver Angels ignites a conversation to help Americans understand each other beyond stereotypes, form community alliances, and reduce the discord in our civic culture. Learn how Braver Angels’ Red and Blue Workshops help people with differing political views hear each other and build bridges.

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On My Honor – Episode 9

Join us as Scoutmaster Mike Lanning takes us on the ultimate adventure through wisdom gained from a lifetime commitment to the Scouts BSA—the fun, the adventure, and the challenges. From tying knots to teaching life-saving skills, this podcast is “knot” to be missed!

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Those Who Serve – Episode 7

Award-winning director Jeff Werner highlights challenging issues facing some veterans when they return home in his compelling and timely film “Those Who Serve.” We explore his passion for this subject as it aligns with his lifelong mission to help others

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Taps4Africa – Episode 6

Abandoned on the doorstep of The Children’s Home in Harare, Zimbabwe at just two days old, “Taps” Mugadza grew up without ever knowing his family. At an early age, Taps developed an extraordinary love for music – and it was this gift of music that would play a significant role in changing his life forever.

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The Giving Spirit – Episode 5

We follow the journey of Tom Bagamane, founder of The Giving Spirit, from successful entrepreneur to dedicated humanitarian rallying thousands of volunteers. Tom’s motto is “homelessness does not mean hopelessness.”

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Angel City Sports – Episode 4

Ezra is a teenager, a decorated athlete and a compelling public speaker. He has used a prosthetic leg since he was 11 months old and a running blade since he was 4 years old. Ezra and his family have founded Angel City Sports as a way to create community and inspire differently-abled people to participate in sports.

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