Mount Saint Mary’s University, MBA from The University of Redlands. Bridges Educational Consulting, Women’s Leadership, President Barack Obama National Honor Roll. Crazy Amazing Humans Podcast, Katrina Carlson, Jefferson Denim

Sonali Perera Bridges

Entrepreneur, Educator &
Women’s Advocate



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How to Empower Girls! Shero’s Rise & Sonali Perera Bridges - EP 31

Sonali Perera Bridges is an award-winning, dynamic, innovative leader with over 20 years of progressive experience in a wide breadth of educational settings. A lifelong mentor and advocate – particularly for young women – she is the driving force behind the conception of Shero’s Rise and a mother of two vibrant young girls.

Sonali holds a BA from Mount Saint Mary’s University as well as an MBA from The University of Redlands. She is the Founder and President of Bridges Educational Consulting which provides college counseling for students, curriculum development, and training for school districts and strategic enrollment management planning to institutions of higher education.

Sonali has spent the majority of her career focused on the development of young girls and their ability to reach their highest potential. She helped start the Women’s Leadership program at her alma mater, which grew to become a part of President Barack Obama’s National Honor Roll.

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