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Shirin Yadegar

Journalist, Publisher, TV host, Mother and CEO/Creator of L.A. Mom Magazine



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Calling All Parents--We Got You! Get the Best Tips, Tricks, Advice and Hacks with Shirin Yadegar of L.A. Mom Magazine - EP 28

Shirin Yadegar is a mother, journalist, publisher and tv host. Her magazine, L.A. Mom Magazine, shares expert advise to help parents live a healthier more meaningful family life. As the tv host of Moms Matter, she diligently finds experts whose interviews answer parenting, personal and spiritual questions.

Before becoming a mother, Shirin received her M.A. from USC’s Annenberg School of Journalism and worked as a researcher and writer at the Los Angeles Times and Managing Editor of the Beverly Hills Weekly.

She was raised with the values that all human beings are created equal and deserve an equal chance of freedom, success and happiness.

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