Roger Fishman

Artist  |  Photographer |  Filmmaker


Roger Fishman: Together We're Stronger -EP 10

Roger grew up in Orange, Connecticut, a small town of 16,000. Although his family was financially poor, Roger was well-loved. While his family did not have the resources to travel, Roger dreamt of exploring the world by reading National Geographic, watching Jacques Cousteau, and studying wildlife and different cultures from around the world. He was driven to be financially successful in life, and to never be poor again. So, he worked seven days a week and 80-100 hour work weeks. All of the time and hard work paid off.

He had a successful career in corporate America, and eventually created his own successful business. However, when his son was born, his life was changed…and he changed his life… To spend quality and quantity time with his wife and son… To live his own childhood dreams of art and adventure… And to make a difference in the lives of others and in our planet.

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