“Such poignancy is rare for AC radio, but programmers are clearly developing a rare core artist for the format. Talent can still transcend the machine.”
– Billboard Magazine

“…it will remind you why you fell in love with great music in the first place.”

– Benny Mardones

“Katrina Carlson is the most exciting new singer I have heard in a decade.”

– Los Angeles Times

“Honey-voiced blonde swan dives into the deep end of the Pop life pool and surfaces for an enjoyable hour long float.”

– Metro Times Detroit

“…classical brilliance and Pop vitality”

– San Francisco Chronicle

“…A gem of a pop record, …laced with lyrical depths [and] full of heartfelt emotion and individual truth, accompanied often by little touches of grace.”

– Hybrid Magazine

“Utterly Charming.”

– BillBoard Magazine

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