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Nikki Mark

Grief Counselor



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Nikki Mark and the TM23 Foundation - Healing Hearts from the Inside Out - EP 37

Nikki Mark knows loss, and is honored to share her insights on obtaining something more lasting than happiness: inner peace.

One morning in 2018, Nikki Mark’s 12-year-old son Tommy did not wake up. Nikki felt like dying alongside him but didn’t want to leave her youngest son and husband behind. Without a religious or spiritual background, she relied on the only superpower she knew — the ability to figure it out.

Prior to Tommy’s departure, Nikki led operations and special projects for high-powered hospitality and sports team start-ups. So, after that fateful morning, she started a new mission to support her family through their grieving process and create a meaningful life with them moving forward.

Along her unconventional journey, Nikki discovered something surprising: that if we’re wide open to the possibilities, grieving offers a unique opportunity to become ‘even more human’ — and that’s where the magic begins.

From building an athletic field in her son’s name for the benefit of the diverse (and sometimes divisive) City of Los Angeles, to exploring every kind of healing modality from mediation to mushrooms, today Nikki shares her experience navigating grief with purpose and action.

Of course there’s not only one way to access the deep magic of life. But Nikki’s way – it turns out – is proving very helpful to people who need healing . . . and we all do.

Nikki’s first memoir will be released on January 23, 2024, and her weekly articles, community features, and free gifts can be found at

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