Nicholas Kristof: Journalist Reaching for Hope – Episode 16

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Join us for our first anniversary episode of the Crazy Amazing Humans podcast with our guest, two-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nicholas Kristof. We go inside the mind of one of the most influential journalists of our time to share an insightful, intelligent and heart-warming conversation. Learn about Kristof’s passions, motivations and renowned “Annual Gift Giving Guide” that raised more than $9.3 million for underserved people around the globe in 2020. 

Nicholas Kristof is also a best-selling author, political commentator, a regular CNN contributor and he currently writes and has written an op-ed column for The New York Times since November 2001. According to The Washington Post Nicholas Kristof “rewrote opinion journalism” with his emphasis on human rights abuses and social injustices. Because of his compassion in journalism, Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa has described Nicholas as an “honorary African” for shining a spotlight on neglected conflicts. 

You’ll hear about Nicholas Kristof’s amazing adventures from all around the world and how he is passionately driven to shine a light on important issues through the power of his journalistic voice. We discuss many of the subjects of his columns such as Darfur, The Heart of Nuba in Sudan, the Kevin Cooper story and the current political and economic factors that affect us all. In addition, Nick also champions some well-deserving charities and non-profit organizations that truly make an impact for good. 

As we celebrate our first year together, remember that every small kindness has the potential to create a Crazy Amazing Human experience, one person at a time. You have the power to create that every day because you are Crazy Amazing! And we, at Crazy Amazing Humans, are in your corner, we’re rooting for you, and really appreciate you as part of our community.






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