Mallika Chopra

Mom, Media Entrepreneur, Author and Public Speaker


Mallika Chopra: How to Keep It Together This Holiday Season and Beyond! - EP 23

Mallika Chopra is a mom, media entrepreneur, author and public speaker. She is
the author of the Just Be Series – Just Breathe, Just Feel, and Just Be You – a
trilogy of illustrated how-to books for children (and the adults in their lives).
These books provide simple tools to understand and support social and
emotional knowing, resilience, meditation, mindfulness and self reflection.

Mallika wrote these books to empower kids to learn how to deal with stress,
sleep better, build self-confidence, understand social and emotional intelligence,
reflect on what makes them special, and manage the anxiety so many of them
face today.

Mallika’s newest book, My Body Is a Rainbow, helps children imagine a rainbow
of colors radiating from their body and combines this color connection with
breathing exercises to help them relieve stress, tension, fears, and sadness and
to feel happier and more at peace.

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