Mallika Chopra: How to Keep It Together by Living with Intent This Holiday Season and Beyond! – Episode 23

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Have you ever felt frazzled, overwhelmed, and just plain tired from all the things you juggle in your life? If so, then we think you are going to love this episode! Our guest is an expert in this arena, Mallika Chopra–mom, media entrepreneur, author and public speaker. Listen as we discuss her book “Living with Intent” and apply it to taking on any social situation and/or gathering this holiday season and beyond with grace and calm. Mallika, daughter of Deepak Chopra, even leads us on an impactful and centering guided-meditation that you don’t want to miss. Her wit, insights and authenticity makes what she shares extremely helpful, inspiring and fun!

You don’t want to miss what Mallika has to say in this episode; from the numerous books she has written such as Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy, and her charming children’s books Just Breathe, Just Be You, and My Body Is A Rainbow to her expertise in all things mindfulness and meditation. she is a fountain of insight when it comes to discovering purpose, peace, balance and joy in your life. Mallika unpacks her four main principles from her book and helps us answer the questions “Who Am I?”, “What Do I Want?”, “How Can I Serve?” and “What Am I Grateful For?”

Also, since we thought you may be attending some upcoming holiday gatherings with family, which can be challenging even in the best of times, we apply her principles to equip you to be able to be intentional and mindful and to help steer the overall experience to make sure it can be a positive one for you and your families. We can let life come at us and just react to what comes our way or we can be intentional and mindful with a purpose on how we enter gatherings of any kind, holiday or otherwise.

So as a reminder let’s do what’s best for us and others by entering our upcoming social situations with mindfulness, being thankful, and being in the moment. Thanks so much, Crazy Amazing Humans, we think you are awesome!






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