Live Music with Kat & JD: Year-End Wrap Up! – Episode 15

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“It’s been a long year…” Isn’t that the truth?! When our co-hosts, Katrina Carlson and Jefferson Denim, wrote the song “End of December” a year or so ago, they had no idea how well it would describe what we would all be going through in 2020. Wow! Listen as our co-hosts wrap up 2020 and give you some engaging ideas to hold on to as we move into 2021–from mindfulness and gratitude to forgiveness and self-care. They also share some humorous holiday memories that may spark some of your own.  In addition, Katrina (on acoustic guitar, vocals) and Jefferson (on keyboards, vocals) play and sing LIVE from the studio where they dedicate the gift of music to YOU as a way of expressing their most sincere gratitude to the whole Crazy Amazing Humans community. During these difficult times, it’s been really good to know that we’re not alone. Tune in to hear the original songs “You are Christmas” and “End of December” to get you in the holiday spirit! 

In celebrating, we often lose sight of the things that are truly important in our lives. Katrina and Jefferson express this sentiment of focusing on what is important and of being present in every moment possible in this episode. Because there are people in our lives that embody what is important, they can become the beauty of any moment. The end of the year and holidays are such a good time to reflect, and express your love to people and let them know how you feel. And don’t forget there are so many ways to get creative and still make an impact for good, even in these challenging times. Since it’s the “End of December into a New Year,” together, let’s take the lessons we’ve learned and make 2021 as Crazy Amazing as we can!

"You Are Christmas" featured in Episode 15






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