Lauren Rashap: Living Healthy and It Feels So Good! – Episode 21

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Are you ready to live a happier, healthier and more vibrant life? Then this episode is for you! We’re talking with health guru Lauren Rashap who shares her invaluable wisdom, knowledge and advice on how to help us achieve our health goals through her unique, organic and holistic approach to wellness and integrative nutrition. With over 20 years of applied study and experience, Lauren Rashap of Lauren Living Healthy is a certified clinical nutritionist who has health and wellness written in her DNA.

Listen as Lauren teaches us how to “hijack our genes” so that we can fit in our jeans — ha! In this episode, Lauren motivates us with her fact-based advice and shares a myriad of optimal ways to boost health through the power of healthy foods. Learn surprising facts about PUFA’s, the Hateful Eight, TOFI and more. Don’t know what those are? Then definitely tune in, find out and get motivated!

As the third generation in her family to study, practice and teach the art of longevity, Lauren helps clients all over the globe lead healthier lives and now she’s sharing her insights and easily accessible advice with the Crazy Amazing Humans community, too!

Let’s all take care of our bodies, it’s the only place we have to live!You are gonna want to write notes on this one so you don’t forget all the helpful and easy-to-follow advice. I know I did! Be sure to share this episode with anyone you know who would benefit from a health re-boot. And remember that every small kindness has the potential to create a Crazy Amazing Human experience, one person at a time. You have the power to create that every day. And we, at Crazy Amazing Humans, are in your corner, we’re rooting for you, and really appreciate you as part of our community and we think YOU are crazy amazing!

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