Kenneth A. Carlson

Director| Writer| Producer


Kenneth A. Carlson: BEHIND THE HEART OF NUBA -EP 1

Kenneth A. Carlson directed and produced the feature length documentary, THE HEART OF NUBA, profiling the courageous and selfless efforts of Dr. Tom Catena, the sole doctor for a million patients in the war-torn Nuba Mountains of Sudan. THE HEART OF NUBA was released theatrically in the US and has been screened for US Congress on Capitol Hill, British Parliament’s House of Lords at Westminster Palace in London, the Italian Senate in Rome, the Sudanese Parliament in Khartoum and the International Criminal Court in Den Hague. It has been projected in every continent and screened in a host of film festivals from Hollywood to Shanghai. Maria Shriver serves as the film’s executive producer. The film is currently available on Hulu, iTunes, Amazon. Sony and the BBC.

Carlson and his wife created the Take Heart Foundation from which 100% of all funds go to the Mother Mercy Hospital in Sudan. To date they have raised over $750,000.

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