Jamie Montgomery – Visionary Entrepreneur Transforming Philanthropy – Episode 29

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If you’ve ever looked around you and thought “there has got to be a better way”, then this informative conversation is for you! In this episode, you will be given a front row seat to the Montgomery Summit presented by March Capital, a premier tech conference that connects entrepreneurs, investors and leading executives in order to discover new business innovations and technologies. As a way to wrap up the conference on a high note, Katrina was given the honor of interviewing the founder and creator of the annual event, Jamie Montgomery, in front of a live audience.

We want to take you along with us as our guest as we go behind-the-scenes into Jamie’s remarkable journey as a visionary entrepreneur where he shares his secrets of success not only in the business world, but also as an effective and transformative philanthropist who provides aspirational leadership to innovate and garner support. Jamie Montgomery authentically helps create community and connection everywhere he goes and in all that he does in a positive and inclusive way. He not only leads on a large scale, he rolls up his sleeves doing one-on-one work for various organizations so he can better understand them. He’s certainly a “Changemaker” and hits all the marks of being a Crazy Amazing Human and beyond!

It is our hope that you’ll be inspired by Jamie Montgomery’s unique perspectives and then be motivated to incorporate this entrepreneurial spirit in your own life. Jamie reminds us that, as lifelong learners, we can always discover new ways to utilize our gifts to make a difference for good. So true! And, as we always say, every small kindness has the potential to create a Crazy Amazing Human experience, one person at a time. You have the power to create that every day because you are Crazy Amazing! And we, at Crazy Amazing Humans, are in your corner, we’re rooting for you, and really appreciate you as part of our community.






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