Inspiring Solutions for Families Experiencing Homelessness: Christine Mirasy-Glasco and the Uplifting Upward Bound House – Episode 25

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If you’ve ever felt concern or despair about homelessness, you’ll want to hear this episode because there are definitely solutions and there is HOPE!

I can’t imagine that one human being ever feels happy when they see another human being living on the street. People have different ideas about its causes and what to do about those causes, but at the most fundamental human level, homelessness is something everyone cares about and no one is for.

Join us as we speak with the positive and innovative Christine Mirasy-Glasco from Upward Bound House. UBH is an organization that focuses on helping unhoused families (which includes children) and ultimately provides practical services that equips them so that they are able to get back on their feet supporting themselves. Christine shares the successes they’ve seen at UBH as they address this issue in Los Angeles and remind us of our common humanity. We also speak with Ally Piddock, UBH’s coordinator of Home Run For Kids, their hugely successful, collaborative fundraiser that brings together the entire community.

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