EP 43 – Neuroscience-Backed Tools For Your Mental Health

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If you or anyone you love needs a pick-me-up or has ever experienced a mental health challenge, then this podcast is for you. In highlighting Mental Health Awareness Month, our guests Brenda Sarai Zuniga and Elizabeth Stephens from NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) share their expertise and lived experiences to give us helpful tools to navigate any journey. Press play to find ways to not only survive, but thrive!

You’ll learn about NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness) and how can they help anyone struggling and it’s free! Brenda Sarai Zuniga speaks about “Ending the Silence” campaign. Elizabeth Stephens explains how NAMI helps you feel seen and heard. We discuss the stigma of mental illness in Latino communities. The tools to boost your mental health include finding a supportive community and the Hug Yourself Technique that activates your mammalian caregiving system. How to set your circadian rhythm by walking and getting outside everyday. Using Solfeggio Frequencies that tap into different brain waves. The EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. Somatic Hip Exercises and stretching for trauma release. Worry journaling where you write down your concerns on paper. Breathing and getting in your body. All kinds of ways you can feel better now.

Jefferson Denim is also interviewed about his work with NAMI and how to feel seen and heard. NAMI’s 8 week life skills class. He talks about getting out of your head and into your body with physical exercise. His tool of using a Thought Challenge technique to examine your negative thoughts gives you power over harmful thoughts. He outlines Radical Self-Acceptance which can help you create a well of self-esteem.

To learn a little more about our guests:

  • Brenda Sarai Zuniga is a comedian, actress, writer, keynote speaker, and well-established mindfulness coach. She has created mindfulness workshops and keynotes for numerous universities and organizations, including USC, Green Dot Public Schools, The Miss Universe Organization, Fusion Academy, as well as NAMI Westside LA. In 2020 she also created a video podcast titled “Getting Mental with Brenda Sarai Zuniga” which provides mental health education in a fun and relatable way by blending comedy, music, and mental health. She has been featured in the L.A. Times, KTLA Weekend Morning News, VoyageLA and the George Lopez Foundation.

  • Elizabeth Stephens is the Program Director at NAMI Westside L.A. Elizabeth is passionate about mental health advocacy and ensuring that the appropriate mental health services are accessible to all. She teaches peer classes and leads peer support groups that are designed to support adults with mental health conditions as they navigate the barriers they come across in both the mental health care system and society as a whole.

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