EP 39 – Lisa McKnight – The Boss Behind Barbie; The Movie, the Brand, Mattel & Motherhood!

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We’re beyond excited to share this exclusive and candid interview with the ultimate girl boss of the ultimate girl brand, Lisa McKnight, Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer at Mattel. Recently, Forbes recognized Lisa McKnight as one of the top brand marketers in the world for 2023 and after listening to this podcast, you’ll know why! While at the helm of the Barbie brand, Lisa and her team have led the charge in making Barbie more relevant than ever, especially with the record-breaking Barbie movie ranking as THE highest-grossing domestic film release in 2023. In this interview Lisa puts us “in the pink” with her extensive knowledge garnered from over 25 years at Mattel. She has been recognized as a driving force in transforming the Barbie brand into the most diverse and inclusive doll line on the market while overseeing the evolution of the Barbie movie from inception to the silver screen.

You may already know that the Barbie movie has garnered over 1.4 billion dollars at the Worldwide Box Office and Barbie’s director, Greta Gerwig, is now the first woman ever to independently helm a billion dollar movie. But what you may NOT know is the tremendous behind-the-scenes effort it took to bring the film’s top-shelf creatives together, the details of the film’s 5-year timeline, the many homages throughout the film, the truth about the Kens’ fate, and other juicy controversies and collaborations.

In this conversation, you’ll also discover the many philanthropic efforts at Mattel with which Lisa is involved, including The Future of Pink is Green, Barbie Loves the Ocean and Save the Children. She also shares from her heart something that all working mothers can relate to – the tricky and ongoing balancing act of career and family life.

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