EP 37 – Nikki Mark and the TM23 Foundation – Healing Hearts from the Inside Out

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Our guest for this episode is Nikki Mark, founder of the TM23 Foundation and Tommy’s Field. Nikki’s son, Tommy Mark, died unexpectedly in his sleep at the age of 12. Her story and this conversation is about processing grief and loss – and, ultimately, discovering ways to heal. Her principles not only apply to the loss of a loved one, but also help anyone who has experienced personal trauma and loss.

You’ll be encouraged and inspired by the crazy amazing way she lives with a hopeful and positive mindset as she shares her story firsthand on the podcast–from her immediate response to her devastating loss to the explorative and magical journey that ensues. Nikki thoughtfully and thoroughly goes down that road and comes to a place where she learns about herself and life in a brand new way. Nikki shares the tools that helped her along her path and teaches us the 5 things to best help others during the early days of grief and loss plus a lot more.

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