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Dr. David Kuhl

Professor at the University of British Columbia; Cofounder of


Dr. David Kuhl: Blueprint for Positive, Healthy and Authentic Masculinity-EP 20

Dr. David Kuhl grew up on a farm on the Canadian prairies. Through his travels he learned of his love of the ocean and for that reason chose to live in a coastal city.  He is a Professor in the Departments of Family Practice and Urologic Sciences, Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Integrating medicine, psychology and the social sciences is fundamental to his worldview and to his work as a clinician/researcher. Dr. Kuhl graduated with a Masters in Health Sciences (University of Toronto) in 1981, and a medical degree (McMaster University) in 1985.  After completing his training in Family Practice (1987) he practiced medicine as a family physician and was a founding member of the palliative care program at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver.  He was the physician leader for palliative care at Providence Health Care for many years, providing leadership for the program and care for persons at the end of life.  The research he conducted in that capacity served as the basis for his PhD (UBC, 1999).

As part of his doctoral work, David worked with veterans who were making the transition from military to civilian life.  Subsequently he worked with Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers, corrections officers, men living with prostate cancer, and young men who were in challenging relationships with their fathers. It was in listening to the stories of men that David began to understand the depth of their suffering, affecting them physically, emotionally and spiritually.  He also witnessed their personal growth, deepening relationships, and commitment to justice, peace and collaboration. He learned that issues not resolved within are often projected onto others, and at times result in violence, estrangement, addiction and compromised health and wellbeing. 

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