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Crazy Amazing Humans exists because humans exist…and humanity makes choices. Some choices are not so good (self-serving, cruel, selfish, unkind) and some choices are amazingly beautiful (uplifting others, positive outlook, self-sacrifice, making a difference in the world that benefits others). Crazy Amazing Humans not only celebrates the choices we make to make the world a better place – we do so in a way that shows that all of us have this capacity. We can choose to use our talents and passions to, as Thoreau said, “live the life you have imagined.” Living and giving to help others not only helps those you are assisting; it fulfills a sense of purpose in you personally when you do the giving. Our vision is to help create, connect and encourage this kind of world.

For our podcast, Jefferson Denim and I are interviewing everyday humans doing crazy amazing things so that we all can get inspired and motivated to do our own crazy amazing things! We also hope to hear about who and what inspires you, too!

Crazy Amazing Humans Podcast

Jefferson Denim and I are excited to announce the launch of our new Podcast!
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