2022 Highlights: Carlson Family Halloween Haunted House Spooktacular We scare because we care about community! Check out highlights of the Carlson Family Halloween Haunted House Spooktacular from October 31st, 2022 in Santa Monica, California. John McBride, friend of the Crazy Amazing Humans Podcast, recorded and edited this fun and spooky sampling of the evening for the Trick or Treating and Haunted House […]


"Mother" by Katrina Carlson from "Untucked" Happy Mother's Day! Crazy Amazing Humans This song was written by Katrina Carlson for her own mother and all mothers everywhere including those who serve in a loving mother capacity for others. This video was created for Mother’s Day 2021. Happy Mother’s Day to all! Lyrics:Mother is journey, mother is homeMother is mild, mother a stormWho’s gonna catch you when […]

“ONCE UPON A TIME” FROM THE ALBUM SUNSHINE STATE OF MIND A unique, antique clock is the backdrop for Katrina’s lyric video to her empowering song about writing your own story and being your own person. Living a life that is authentically yours is living your own “Once Upon a Time,” both literally and figuratively. Share: Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email […]

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