Breathe Underwater – Episode 3


with Kristin Hettermann & Sven-Olof Lindblad


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This is a very special episode of the Crazy Amazing Humans podcast for two important reasons. First of all, the U.S. (and the world) is experiencing a significant shake up because of COVID-19. Katrina and Jefferson address this reality with some practical information, helpful advice and encouragement while highlighting some of the unexpected good that is coming out of this uniquely challenging time.
Secondly, Katrina and Jefferson share an interview with Kristin Hettermann (photographer and “artivist”) and Sven Lindblad (founder of Lindblad Expeditions) about their passion for the ocean and how they have incorporated conservation efforts in both their work and their lives. The previously recorded conversation focuses on our shared environment and the ability we all have to be able to care for our planet and for each other.
Join us as we reaffirm that we – all of us – are on a shared journey on this planet. Through challenges like the ones we are currently experiencing, we are able to discover the depths of compassion, appreciation and community that we would not be able to access in any other way.
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