Calling All Braver Angels – Episode 14

featuring Randy Lioz
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In this inspiring podcast episode, Randy Lioz of Braver Angels ignites a conversation to help us, and all Americans, understand each other beyond stereotypes, form community alliances, and reduce the discord that can poison our civic culture and dialogue. Listen to Randy’s story and how, in discovering Braver Angels, he found a way to fulfill his passion to build bridges between those with conflicting viewpoints. 

You’re going to love learning how Braver Angels utilizes their Red and Blue Workshops to help people with differing political opinions come together, hear each other out, build bridges between each other and ultimately foster a sense of understanding and respect. You’ll be amazed to discover how you can start off by deciding to listen and then trying to understand the other person’s viewpoint to find some common ground. It’s like a superpower! You don’t need to try to change others, just start off by trying to understand each other.

Now, you might think, “Hey wait a minute. Is that even possible considering the times in which we live?” Great question! That’s why you won’t want to miss this episode Calling All Braver Angels. Be brave and discover for yourself some new ideas and tools that you can utilize in your own “conflict tipping point” moments. You may be surprised with what you’ll be able to do. 

And remember, every small kindness has the potential to create a Crazy Amazing Human experience, one person at a time. You have the power to create that every day because you are Crazy Amazing! And we, at Crazy Amazing Humans, are in your corner, we’re rooting for you, and really appreciate you as part of our community.






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