Bonnie Abaunza

Human Rights and  Social Justice Advocate. 

Founder of  Artists for Amnesty and The Abaunza Group


Bonnie Abaunza: The Wizardess of oz; from the academy awards to amnesty international-EP 18

Bonnie Abaunza, founder of the Abaunza Group, has dedicated her life to humanitarian work, human rights and social justice advocacy. Founder of Artists for Amnesty International, she ran the program for seven years, followed by leadership of Social Action for Participant Media. Before founding the Abaunza Group, Bonnie directed the philanthropic foundation for Oscar winning composer Hans Zimmer. She has served as a consultant for the United Nations’ International Labour Organization. The Abaunza Group produces high level social impact campaigns for films, documentaries and critical causes.

Bonnie Abaunza has dedicated her life to humanitarian work, human rights and social justice advocacy. Through the Abaunza Group she works closely with filmmakers, artists, production companies, distributors and non-governmental organizations to develop and execute social impact campaigns for films and documentaries. Bonnie’s work has addressed myriad human rights and civil rights issues as she has brought hard-hitting campaigns and major celebrity engagement to issues as diverse as child slavery, campus sexual assault, human trafficking, genocide, environmental justice, girls education, food safety and animal rights.

Her campaigns have moved the needle on critical issues including genocide awareness with the Hotel Rwanda campaign, conflict diamonds with Blood Diamond, abuses by the food industry with Food, Inc., campus sexual assault with The Hunting Ground, online sex trafficking with I Am Jane Doe, animal rescue with Harry and Snowman, the plight of refugees with Cries From Syria and girls’ education with The Breadwinner. Bonnie designed and executed the social impact campaigns for the feature film The Promise by Oscar winner Terry George, and the documentary Intent to Destroy, both about the Armenian genocide. She ran the impact campaign for The Heart of Nuba, about a doctor in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan (the campaign raised more than $600,000 for the Mother of Mercy Hospital in Sudan).

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