One would have to search far and wide for a talent as deep and diverse as Katrina Carlson.

The eclectic singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, composer and actress has already seen her music secure charting spots on Billboard and placed in movies and hit television shows like Dawson’s Creek and Lost. She has also acted in productions in film (In the Line of Fire), television (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and off-Broadway theater, all while opening for popular artists such as Chicago, Kenny Loggins and Joan Jett. With that breadth of experience, it’s no wonder that she envisions her songs as “mini-movies” complete with characters, storylines and plot resolutions. Her stirring and vibrant songs embody universal themes of love and strength that are central to humanity.

Katrina’s upcoming album release, Crazy Amazing, is a collaboration with Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jefferson Denim (Billboard award-winning songwriter and star of NBC’s Days of Our Lives.) Many of the tracks on the album explore deeply personal themes, including an articulation of how all people feel the need to escape (“Stargazing”), a track examining the all-encompassing human connection (“Pure Emotion”) and a song about finding the light that motivates people to live their best life (“Something to Fight For”).

“Jefferson and I trust each other and know each other very well in the most positive ways,” explains Katrina. “He is an all-around amazing musician and songwriter with a really selfless attitude and joie de vivre. We came to this project with the same goals of wanting to write an album that let people know they are not alone and as a call-to-action for helping humanity.”

Crazy Amazing was recorded in Los Angeles with the production of the album overseen by Grammy-nominated producer Dave Darling (The Temptations, Def Leppard, Glen Campbell). In addition to his work as a producer, Darling was also a founding member of The Boxing Ghandis and experimental industrial band 58, which included Nikki Six of Mötley Crüe fame.

“At this stage in my career, I tend to pick my projects pretty carefully and for different reasons

than I might have before,” says Darling. “With Crazy Amazing, I got the two things I look for most: recording and creating with friends and working on a project that goes beyond just music. It is a project with a point of view and a message.”

Crazy Amazing is scheduled for release in Fall 2018.  It will be available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.  It can also be purchased on Katrina’s official website,

One of Katrina’s latest singles, “Bloom,” currently appears as the end credit song in the award-winning, feature-length documentary, The Heart of Nuba. The film follows the selfless and courageous efforts of American doctor Tom Catena as he attempts to treat patients in the war-ravaged Nuba Mountains of Sudan. The film was recently screened at Washington D.C.’s National Cathedral and is currently available on Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Xbox.

“The song has had an enormously positive impact in the Nuba Mountains and in the lives of so many who live there,” she says. “I feel blessed beyond measure to have had a part in a film that has created awareness of the heinous atrocities that have taken place, raised over a half a million dollars for the Mother of Mercy Hospital and has helped cause a ceasefire, along with stopping the bombing of innocent civilians and children. People live outside of foxholes because of this film and to participate in any way brings great meaning to my musical mission.”

A native of Paradise Valley, Arizona and currently living in Los Angeles, Katrina is no stranger to the music scene in Southern California.  Her debut album, Apples for Eve was released in 2001 and produced by Emmy award-winner Ron Cohen. In 2002, Katrina was a finalist in the Rolling Stone / Jim Bean Emerging Artist series.

To date, Katrina has released six albums, including the upcoming Crazy Amazing. Her second album, Untucked, included four singles that spent a combined 18 months on the Billboard and R&R Adult Contemporary charts.  Her single “Drive,” a cover of the classic Cars song, went Number One in Los Angeles and even broke into the Billboard Adult Contemporary Top 20.

“I was beyond thrilled when I found out I was going to have a song in the Top 20,” Katrina exclaims. “But also, it was a long road building my career to that point, so it was also very rewarding and affirming.”

Away from music, Katrina enjoys adventure traveling, hiking, cooking and spending time with her family and friends. She has also been a vocal advocate and supporter of many non-profits, such as Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, National Charity League, Everychild, The Epilepsy Foundation, Best Buddies, Visionary Women and The Take Heart Foundation, which was founded by Katrina and her husband, Ken Carlson. The Take Heart Foundation is a non-profit supporting the work of the aforementioned Dr. Tom Catena and Mother of Mercy Hospital in Sudan. All money raised through the organization is used to purchase important medical supplies, food, train hospital staff and support a local school.

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