Behind the Heart of Nuba – Episode 1


with Dr. Tom Catena & Kenneth A. Carlson


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When friends reconnect after years, there’s no telling what can happen! In this case, lives were saved. Kenneth A. Carlson tracked down his old friend Dr. Tom Catena and heard his selfless and courageous story of caring for the people in the Nuba mountains of Sudan. From that moment of reconnection, Carlson knew he had to tell his former Brown University football teammate’s story.
This lively conversation between the two friends facilitated by the hosts of Crazy Amazing Humans goes behind the scenes of the shooting of the award-winning documentary “The Heart of Nuba”. Hear Dr Tom’s remarkable story and how putting a lens to it masterfully changed the lives of people in a war-torn region of Sudan. They had each other‘s back‘s on the football field and now they have each other‘s back‘s in life.
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