EP 34 – Safety and Awareness Now! Jeff Wohler and Human Trafficking Survivor Keelin Washington

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Happy 2023 everyone! As you know, we are always intentional in providing you, our Crazy Amazing Humans community, useful and practical information. We wanted to start off 2023 with some helpful reminders in regards to safety – safety for ourselves and our loved ones. January also happens to be Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

With all that in mind, this episode features Jeff Wohler and Keelin Washington. Jeff has an extensive background in law enforcement. He was formerly an agent with the U.S. Treasury Department and is currently President and CEO of San Diego Harbor Police Foundation. Keelin Washington is an advocate and public speaker in the field of human sex trafficking. Her dynamic work includes designing reintegration programming for survivors, including therapy, court advocacy, and career and educational readiness for GenerateHope’s safe houses. She is also a human trafficking survivor.

In this episode we are certain you’ll learn surprising new things about the subjects of safety and human trafficking. You will also be immensely inspired by the work that Jeff Wohler and Keelin Washington are doing to make a difference and create hope out of darkness.

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