Jeff Wohler

Jeff is lawyer and a former Special Agent with the US Treasury Department where he worked on organized crime and complex financial investigations. Once his work with the Treasury Department…

2022 Highlights: Carlson Family Halloween Haunted House Spooktacular We scare because we care about community! Check out highlights of the Carlson Family Halloween Haunted House Spooktacular from October 31st, 2022 in Santa Monica, California. John McBride, friend of the Crazy Amazing Humans Podcast, recorded and edited this fun and spooky sampling of the evening for the Trick or Treating and Haunted House […]

Sonali Perera Bridges

Mount Saint Mary’s University, MBA from The University of Redlands. Bridges Educational Consulting, Women’s Leadership, President Barack Obama National Honor Roll. Crazy Amazing Humans Podcast, Katrina Carlson, Jefferson Denim

Sonali Perera Bridges is an award-winning, dynamic, innovative leader with over 20 years of progressive experience in a wide breadth of educational settings. A lifelong mentor and…

Maxwell Eaton

Maxwell Eaton, an entrepreneur and restaurateur, is the epitome of someone who asked the question “How can I best help?”.  After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Maxwell dropped everything and…

Jamie Montgomery

Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Tech, Technology, Giving back, Good News, Positivity, Community, Philanthropy, Feel Good, Tech Summit, Tech Conference, Monty Summit, Montgomery Summit, Innovation, Capital, Investors, Investing, Startups, Startup, Founders, CEO, C Suite, March Capital, Leader, Leadership, Finance, Mentor, American Dream, Future planning, Global Market, Elite, Women in Tech Katrina adds: Crazy Amazing Humans Podcast, Katrina Carlson, Jefferson Denim, Crazy Amazing Humans, Crazy, Amazing, Humans, People are Awesome, Podcast, Inspirational, CNN Heroes, Spiritual, Motivational, Culture, Growth, Development, Self-Improvement, Positivity, Music, Entertainment, News, Media, Community

Jamie Montgomery is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of March Capital. Since its inception in 2014, March Capital has emerged as one of the leading…

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