March 31, 2013

I love the thought behind this video!  Life Vest Inside – Kindness Boomerang – “One Day” (music “One Day” by Matisyahu) #kindness boomerang #inspiring video from Lifevest inside music by Matisyahu (Source:

Here’s my awesome Sunshinestateofmind background singer, Mackenzie Carlson singing on “Bright Side” the last cut on my new CD. Yay!

Ruby Rose singing “Row Your Boat” in my studio.  Which will play after my original tune “Gently Down Stream” on my new CD Sunshine State Of Mind!   #sunshinestateofmind 

Congrats & thanks to everyone involved with @bwssteamday @brentwoodschool ! Bob Khan you rock! Xander is running the Marble Coaster project. Go Eagles! #sunshinestateofmind

Hi! We started a new blog recently with the concept of having people sum up their lives in three sentences, and an additional sentence to give any advice or life lessons learned along the way. Everyone has a story, no matter how old or where they are in life. It seems like you have a unique outlook so if you have time, you should submit your own story or check us out sometime and see all the other stories out there.

So many ups and downs, but no matter how dark it has gotten, I could always find a chink in the armor of the pitch blackness through which a sliver of light could shine.  I’ve made the conscious effort to…

The morning after–my rehearsal studio after a night with my band. What did Einstein say about a messy desk? Same thing goes for a messy rehearsal studio!