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Holiday Wishes from Kat

Hello Beautiful People -
I can't believe that we've come to the end of yet another year!  This time of year always seems to fill my house with all sorts of craziness and chaos, with the upcoming holidays, a few birthdays to celebrate and lots to do to prepare for it all!  It can all be a bit overwhelming!  I recently saw an advertisement on television that really touched me.  For the life of me I can't remember what the product was, but the message was to the effect of "it's not what's under the tree that makes the holiday special, it's who is around the tree that makes the holiday special."  With all the running around, shopping, sending out cards and baking cookies - it's easy to lose sight of the simple fact even though times are tough for a lot of us, we still have a lot to be thankful for!  I hope that you get to spend some time this holiday season with all those "special" people in your lives!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Musical 2012!!
Peace & Love,

Katrina Carlson's "One Night Standards" CD Release Party in Los Angeles! Come Celebrate!

Katrina Carlson and her band will be celebrating the release of her new album, One Night Standards, at Harvelle's in Santa Monica on Friday, February 25th. One Night Standards is a collection of some of Katrina's favorite standards arranged with an updated twist, including "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," "Blues In The Night," "You Go To My Head" and "What A Wonderful World."   In addition to hearing selections from the new standard's album, Kat and the band will also be serving up favorites from her past albums as well as a few other surprises.

One Night Standards Truly amazing, simply Katrina

For singer/song writer Katrina Carlson, making great music with a voice that is unforgettable has never been a challenge.  From her work on her album Here and Now, to her "I Know You By Heart" single featuring the iconic Benny Mardones, Katrina has always mastered everything she has worked on.  She's an artist who strives for the best in her work, and she produces just that.  Thus, with her release of the CD: One Night Standards, Katrina Carlson covers some great hits and does it all with a heartfelt sound and vibe.

Now, it's not everyday that artists can cover songs like "Over the Rainbow," and "What a Wonderful World," and prduce real quality work.  Yet, when it comes to Carlson she not only mastered real quality standards, but she let's her voice shine.  Carlson's overall vocal quality demonstrates the realness and raw talent that an artist needs in order to succeed in making a cover more than just a cover.  Furthermore, Carlsons does what so many artists can't do, in that she adapts to the song, and realates to the emotion of it, while mastering it with her voice, sound, and overall soul.

Thus, if you're looking for a real classic, or just hits that have been remade with real talent, then may I recommend the work of Katrina Carson and her CD: One Night Standards.  Be sure to check her out on her website: and be a part of the magic that Katrina brings to life.  Be a part of the magic that makes Katrina Carlson the artist she is with the amazing talent that she possesses.

Katrina's new One Night Standards EP is now available!!
Katrina's new One Night Standards EP is now available!!

Katrina's brand new EP, One Night Standards, was released on November 30th by Kataphonic Records.

The CD features versions of some of Kat's favorite classics arranged with an updated twist, including "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," "You Go To My Head," "Blues In The Night" and "What A Wonderful World."  Katrina recorded the disc in Los Angeles with producers Dan Petty and Ty Stevens, and the record was mastered at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN.

One Night Standards is now available for purchase on iTunes and physical copies are available at  Check back for updates!!

Katrina to headline AZ Epilepsy Mardi Gras Gala in Phoenix on March 5, 2011

Katrina and the band will once again be making the trip to Phoenix to headline the Arizona Epilepsy Foundation's Mardi Gras Gala on March 5th 2011.  This very special evening supports a great cause, and mirrors the activities and celebrations of Carnival in New Orleans including fortune tellers, street performers, casion gaming, Cajun cuisine and a feature performance from Katrina Carlson.

Says Katrina:  "It is an hoor and privilege to work with the Epilepsy Foundation on their Mardi Gras celebration.  The Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona has been and remains a cause very close to my heart."

Specific details forthe event including ticket info and party location will be coming soon - check back for details!

One Night Standards
Here and Now


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