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Read Katrina's Interview with Digital Journal

Katrina was interviewed this week by Digital Journal entertainment columnist, Markos Papadatos.  Click here to read the full article.

Shorts HD Awards!

Pursuing my career is a top bliss of mine.  Being part of the Shorts Awards 2013 has been one of this year's highlights.  It is an amazing show honoring the incredible achievements in the world of short film and celebrating the talented filmmakers as well as legendary members of the filmmaking community.   It's an upbeat and positive tribute to the talent and creative spirit of short film in numerous categories including the Oscar nominees in live action, animation and documentary.  I had the pleasure and privilege to be the musical host for the evening and it was a blast! 

The entertaining and inspiring show in its entirety will be playing on the ShortsHD Channel tonight (July 22) and Sunday, July 28.  You can find the channel on DirecTV, channel 573 and AT&T, channel 1789.  For more details, check out

Katrina Interviewed for LA Examiner

There's a great article on today's LA regarding the new CD and Katrina's show for Make Music LA.  Click HERE to check it out.

"Sunshine" Album Artwork Looking Good!

It seems like only yesterday that Katrina and her husband/photographer, Ken, hit the beach in Santa Monica to shoot photos for the new CD.  A nicer day could not have been ordered up and the packaging is coming out absolutely stellar.  Yay!

The New CD is Mastered

Katrina spent the day with Grammy Award winning engineer, Tom Weir, putting the last sonic details together on "Sunshine State of Mind."  Every "t" has been crossed and every "i" has been dotted.  We're getting close to wrapping this one up.

Happy Valentine's Day all!

"The love we give away is the only love we keep."  Dwight Eisenhower, Elbert Hubbard

Happy Valentine's Day all!  Wishing you and yours a wonderful winter season with the glow of warm fires on cold nights, hot coffee and cocoa with friends and family, and someone's arms around you to keep you warm.    I believe that love isn't something we must seek and find, but something we create through loving others.  I hope for you in this upcoming year that you can create such love and find yourself on a path with purpose.  And that while on your path, you can clearly see that that the good you do makes a difference and the love you give away, comes back to you tenfold.   

Peace and love, Katrina

Happy Fall and Halloween is Upon us!

Thing is, when it comes to Halloween at our house, we used to be festive…now we’re just kooky!  Halloween has always meant pumpkin-carving, candy corn, dressing up and getting spooked. But our house, Halloween has grown over the years into such a spectacle, attraction and expected tradition that it has taken on a whole new meaning and, sometimes terrifying, life of it’s own.  At an unexpected time of year and in a very unusual way, Halloween has become a labor of love and way of giving back to our friends, neighbors and community-at-large to a degree beyond any of our wildest imaginations.  It’s not just the Halloween themed, cuddly stuffed animals that we give to each child or the candy galore; instead, it’s the blood, sweat and tears, literally, that it takes to pull this thing off on the scale that we do it.  Halloween has become a random act of kindness by my husband, first and foremost, and my family as a whole, since we all must sacrifice in our own ways to keep this Halloween dream in Santa Monica alive and kickin’.

This year marks the 16th year that my family and I have opened our home to friends, family and the general public for trick-or-treating in all of its black, orange and spooky glory!  I like to call my husband, Ken, the Master of Macabre because he is the master-mind and brawn behind all Halloween madness.  Our entire family, however, gets in on the act along with a team of about 15 people over the course of the month of October when we endeavor to transform our Santa Monica home into an epic Haunted House extravaganza that on October 31st comes alive with professional actors and our family and friends, alike!  Outside in the parkway along the sidewalk along our corner home, we create different vignettes of haunted scenes from a “Zombie Wizard of Oz” scene replete with fallen house on the Wicked Witch of the East’s legs, the Wicked Witch of the West, Dorothy and her three friends, Glenda the Good Witch and a flying monkey to a “Pirates of the Scarribean” scene with a 20 foot long working sailboat with pirate skeletons at the helm, bow and stern. We have a classic hot rod from 1924 Dodge All Steel 350 engine with a racing skeleton at the wheel and a ʼ66 Mustang with bride and groom skeletons inside with a sign that says “Just Buried” with the sound track of “Highway to Hell” playing in the background.  This year our neighbor’s ’64 Black Cab from England became the “Creepy Clown Cab Company” with numerous frightening clowns crammed inside and all-around the cab.  Several rooms inside our house were transformed into a mad scientist lab, Phantom of the Opera digs and an extensive miniature Department 56 Halloween Village—a favorite of the little ones.  A maze was constructed in the front yard which was definitely the scariest feature since it’s super creepy to wander through this dark, strobe-lit labyrinth with people grabbing at you around corners and through walls and scary décor on all the walls. All of these things add up to a spooky adventure that allows every child and child-at-heart to experience Halloween to it’s fullest.  

People ask me, “Why go through all the fuss? Especially for strangers?” And they may think Iʼm as kooky as our mad scientist for having half of West LA in and around our home-- and maybe I am, a little.  But I do for many reasons-- for friends, family, for the look on the faces of the slew of kids who come from all over, even taking buses from the inner city, as they gaze in wonder at their new stuffed animals, for everyone who has the lightness of heart to take part in the baddest Halloween Party this side of the 405.  And it’s a fabulous bonus that my family gets to experience first-hand the beauty of the old adage “to give is better that to receive” in such a unique way. That’s why I love Halloween more than ever, and why we hope to host this craziness for another 15 years, God-willing.  Because now, more than anything, Halloween at our house means GIVING.

Summertime in the studio!

Bar-b-ques, beaches and fireworks! There's nothing better than the sizzle of summer!  And although I like to lay back in the sand toes in the sea when the saltwater starts heating up,  I will be heading into the studio with Dave Darling to start producing the first few songs for my next CD.  I also hear that Splashley is back on Teen Nick with marathon showings of South of Nowhere featuring my song "Feel for Me" from Here and Now. Check out the steamy scene with Splashley and "Feel for Me"--it's sure to please!  Thanks to all who are following me on Twitter.  I'll keep you updated with the studio going's on…

Peace and love,


Dear South of Nowhere fans - Splashley is back!

Teen Nick is now running marathon showings of South of Nowhere.  Katrina's song “Feel For Me,” was featured in two episodes.

Katrina Carlson's hit "Count On Me" featured on Everychild Within Us charity album alongside Kenny Loggins, Shawn Colvin, Randy Newman and others.

Katrina Carlson's hit single "Count On Me" is featured on a recently released new album benefiting the Everychild Foundation in Los Angeles.  The album is titled Everychild Within Us and is available on the Everychild website as well as select retail locations around Los Angeles.  In addition to Katrina, the CD also features music from Kenny Loggins, Shawn Colvin, Randy Newman, She & Him, David Crosby & Graham Nash, Lisa Loeb and Dave Koz among others.
Says Katrina "Everychild does wonderful work for the underserved children of Los Angeles. I am not only proud to appear on this album, but to have been an Everychild member for several years now.  Our hope is that this project will bring both attention to the foundation and the work they do, as well as to help raise the necessary funds to continue awarding our yearly grants and more."
The Everychild Foundation was founded in 2000, and is a unique non-profit organization whose mission is to ease the suffering of children whether due to disease, disability, abuse, neglect or poverty.  Each year it selects a single, innovative, new project to fund that will fill critical unmet needs of youth in the Los Angeles area.  Everychild raises the bulk of its funds from member dues and has minimal fundraising expenses and overhead.  In addition to underwriting the cost of producing the album, Katrina and Kataphonic Records also lead the A&R effort for the record.
 For more information on the Everychild Foundation, check out
To purchase the Everychild Within Us CD, please visit this link

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Here and Now


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