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Sunshine State of Mind

Sunshine State of Mind


Katrina's fifth album, titled "Sunshine State of Mind" is a blend of all things there is to love about laid back Southern California pop:  catchy hooks, hummable melodies, and positive lyrics over smooth grooves.  The album shimmers throughout.  From the silkiness of the title track, to  "Gently Down The Stream," to the upbeat fun of "Give The World" and the infectious "Straight Line," the album's 12 songs play like the ideal soundtrack to a perfect carefree day at the beach.

Track Listing:

1. Sunshine State of Mind
2. Shine On
3. Give the World
4. Straight Line
5. Bright Side
6. Gently Down the Stream
7. Under the Rainbow
8. Just a Thought
9. Wander Through This World
10. My Own Worst Enemy
11. Eye of the Storm
12. Once Upon A Time


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